5 Reasons Not to Swim in Contacts


There are two kinds of people who need corrective lenses, those who wear glasses and those who wear contacts so often that their friends and coworkers don’t even realize they┬áneed lenses. Of this second category, contacts seem like the perfect solution for almost everything. You never have to worry about carrying around or taking care…

5 Things to Consider When Buying a Prescription Dive Mask


Going diving, whether to the bottom of the ocean or just the bottom of your local pool, has always been a fascinating experience. Many people enjoy how things look and feel different at the bottom of a body of water, especially when you can actually see. Diving has long since been a challenge for people…

Three Prescription Swimming Goggles for Children Under 12


As the weather warms up and pool parties are on the horizon, perhaps a little closer or further away depending on where you live, it’s time to start thinking about your child’s swimming eyewear, especially if they normally wear prescription glasses. As we’ve all had drilled into our heads since a young age, pool safety…

Prescription Goggles: Swimming For A Healthier You


As the American population ages, our health issues are increasing in scope and expense. What is the pace of our aging, how is our overall health and what does it cost in the long run? Over one-third of adults in the U.S. are obese. The total associated medical cost nationwide is nearly $150 billion annually….

10 Interesting Facts About Swimming Goggles and Masks

swim goggles and mask

Being able to see in the water has been a normal human struggle for hundreds of years. When you’re underwater, the world looks different and even people with perfect 20/20 vision above the surface see everything as both blurry and much bigger below the waves. Swimming with your eyes open, whether in a chlorinated pool,…

Get Ready for Warm Weather with a Prescription Scuba Mask


As spring arrives and the weather starts warming up for all but the coldest regions it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be doing for the next twenty or so weekends. You could continue your winter habits of staying inside with a mug of tea or you can strike out and see a little…

How to Personalize Your Prescription Swim Goggles


Swimming has always been one of those special challenges for people who wear glasses. In most cases and the vast majority of recreational events you can figure out a way to work your glasses into the equation. You can go hiking, rock climbing, cave spelunking, boat touring, and all sorts of other great vacation activities…

4 Amazing Ways to Gift a Prescription Scuba Mask


When it comes to specialty prescription gear, most people think of this as a personal endeavor. After all, you know and are responsible for your own prescription and ability to see. Just as no one’s going to keep track of your glasses for you or arrange for you to have an extra pair, you assume…

Why Children Need Prescription Swimming Goggles

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Swimming is an important part of any kid’s childhood experiences. Whether they live near a lake and go swimming every day during warm months or trips to the community pool are a special treat they get only a few times a year, almost every child loves to swim. You learn some things about yourself as…

Special Options for Prescription Diving Masks

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Prescription diving masks are one of those things where there are a lot of extra options you can get for them depending on your needs. Here are a few examples of such options for your diving masks so you can pick the one that you want. Recreation-focused Masks If you aren’t going to be doing…