6 Reasons You Need Swimming Eyewear This Summer

Whether you are headed to the beach, planning a cruise, or hanging out by the lake, there is a pretty good chance you and your family will be spending some time in the water this summer. While swimming and splashing with family and friends is always great fun, it can be difficult to enjoy if your vision is less than perfect. After all, being forced to make the decision between A) giving up your sense of sight, B) the possibility of losing your glasses, and C) risking infection in order to wear irritating contact lenses can be a frustrating experience.

As a solution, we highly recommend you consider ordering a set of water-friendly prescription eyewear before you head out on your summer vacation this year. Prescription swimming eyewear is available in a wide variety of styles, and the lenses can be custom-made to fulfill your needs. This means that you can definitely find the perfect mask or pair of goggles for you.

That said, prescription swimming eyewear can be a bit costly when compared to a typical pair of goggles, leaving many people wondering why they should invest in such a product. These people often want to know what the benefits of prescription masks and goggles are and how they can improve their swimming experiences.

Therefore, we have complied a list of benefits in order to allow these individuals to see exactly what they can expect to get out of a high-quality diving mask or set of goggles.

Crisp Sight

Of course, the most obvious benefit of owning prescription swimming eyewear is the ability to see well in water. This means you will have the ability to see all the beautiful fish in the ocean or lake. It also means you can swim safely in crowded pools without running the risk of colliding with another swimmer.

If you ask us, crisp sight is a wonderful reason to invest in some prescription goggles or a prescription mask all on its own.

Enhanced Vision

Not only do prescription goggles give you the crisp, clean sight of a person with 20/20 vision, they can also enhance your vision in certain cases. For example, yellow- or pink-tinted goggle lenses can help lighten up dark waters, making everything appear brighter and more visible. Meanwhile, lenses that are coated with a darker tint can help block out sunshine and make time spent in bright light more bearable.

However, those darker coatings do not always protect the eyes from UV rays, so be sure to use sunglasses when needed in order to keep your eyes as safe as possible.


Putting in contact lenses in order to go for a swim—especially when you aren’t accustomed to wearing them—can be a pain. On top of that, wearing contact lenses into any kind of water is not recommended by eye care experts. However, switching back and forth from glasses to a mask all day is quite annoying. This leaves the poor-sighted swimmer in a predicament.

Fortunately, this problem can be solved with a prescription mask or goggles. Prescription swimming eyewear is easy to put on and can be used for an entire day of water fun, meaning you needn’t fuss with glasses that are liable to be lost or broken, nor do you have to spend any of your fun time putting in contact lenses.


High-quality swimming masks and goggles are incredibly comfortable. Features such as an adjustable band and nose piece mean the eyewear will fit the wearer like a glove, and soft silicone material makes them comfortable enough to wear all day.

Because high-quality prescription goggles and masks are so comfortable, you won’t have any trouble at all taking advantage of the fact that they can be worn all day in lieu of glasses. To make a good thing even better, you won’t be left with sore spots at the end of the day when you do take advantage of this benefit.


Prescription water-friendly eyewear is made to last. This means you needn’t spend your limited vacation days worrying about whether or not your goggles will hold up. High-quality products such as these will last for years to come. As an added bonus, some of our goggles are even made to be repaired rather than replaced, meaning they will last even longer.

Peace of Mind

The final benefit of owning a pair of prescription goggles or a quality prescription diving mask is the peace of mind the product will give you. Never again will you have to fret about keeping your glasses on while enjoying the ocean waves. Additionally, the worry of infection due to your contact lenses coming into contact with water can be put out of your mind entirely. This makes for a much more peaceful and stress-free vacation, something we can all agree is a definite bonus.

Clearly, having either prescription goggles or a prescription diving mask is a must for anyone headed out for a vacation full of water fun.

So what are you waiting for? Have a look around our store. We are sure you’ll find exactly what you need. However, if you can’t find that perfect pair of goggles or an ideal swim mask, we hope you will contact us with any and all questions. After all, we want your vacation and every swim thereafter to be a comfortable, crisp, and clear experience, and we will do whatever we can to help make that happen.

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