7 of The Most Stylish Prescription Swimming Goggles For Women

Whether you are a competitive swimmer, recreational summer season swimmer, or someone who enjoys swimming laps as their preferred method of fitness, you already know that you are going to need underwater eye wear to have an overall better swimming experience. If this is your first time buying a pair of prescription goggles or you are an elite swimmer in need of something new, the good news is that there are plenty of swimming goggle options for women with both prescription and non-prescription needs. And in this post, we will take a look at seven of the most poplar swimming goggles for women.

  1. TYR Big Swimple Tie Dye Swim Goggles: These pink and orange tie dye swim goggles are so much more than just fun, brightly colored eye wear for the water; they offer lots of practicality and attractive features for everyone from the occasional swimmer to the avid swim athlete. The hypoallergenic silicone gaskets offer optimum comfort and a strong grip that seals around the eyes and effectively keeps water out. The goggles are built with an easily adjustable strap that can be changed with just the swift click of a button. The flexible goggles are also made to accommodate multiple facial types, thanks to its unibody design.
  2. Speedo Jr. Hydrospex Classic Water Goggles: These sparkling grape colored goggles come in one size, but fit multiple facial types. Though originally designed for young girls and boys, women with petite faces will also find these swim goggles to be an efficient, stylish eye wear option. These hypoallergenic goggles offer many attractive security and comfort features including UV protection, an anti-fog coating, split silicone head strap, and it is latex free and 100% PVC free.
  3. Aqua Sphere K180+ Women’s Swim Goggles: Another stylish yet functional option, the Aqua Sphere K180+ Women’s Swim Goggles boast a sleek, clean, and minimal design. Aside from the fashionable element, these goggles really work to protect the swimmer’s eyes while also providing the optimum level of clarity in and out of the water. They are constructed with an anti-fog coating, UV protection, and scratch resistance. The frames are also latex free and hypoallergenic. Other special features include a polycarbonate material, meaning the frames are six times lighter than glass, thus making these goggles an ultra lightweight option. Another added benefit is that the lenses are curved, therefore offering a wider range of visibility with less distortion.
  4. Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggle Smoke Lenses: These smoke lens goggles with a sleek, edgy frame are ideal for the dedicated swimmer who needs a great eye wear option when they do laps in an outdoor pool.  The mirrored lenses offer multiple benefits including a scratch-resistant coating, anti-fog coating, UV protection, and shatterproof protection. The goggles are built with an easily adjustable strap that allows for a custom fit on virtually all face types. Some other appealing factors about these lenses include 180 degree panoramic vision with zero distortion. The goggles are latex free and hypoallergenic with a firm grip seal that is both comfortable and protects the eyes from water leakage. Lastly, these swim goggle are designed with high tech materials that prioritize comfort and security. For example, the Softeril material in the goggles makes this eye wear option far more comfortable than its competitors. And the Pelixsol gives swimmers that highest level of protection by being ten times stronger than glass and one hundred times lighter than glass.
  5. TYR Black Hawk Racing/Femme Mirrored Goggle: These edgy, fun swim goggles come in a brightly gold and pink color combination to give off a confident flare. Aside from style, there are several other features these hypoallergenic goggles include such as mirrored lenses, a firm, watertight seal, comfortable silicone gaskets, and five different nose bridge sizes to choose from in order to achieve the most secure fit. These goggles are an excellent option for women who plan to do a lot of outdoor swimming or swimming in a pool that is brightly lit.
  6. Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Polarized Lends Goggles: For ladies who like to make a bold and fun fashion statement while doing laps, they will love these pink and purple colored swim goggles! They are designed with many attractive aspects to make your swim experience more enjoyable. Such features include an anti fog coating, 100% UV ray protection from harsh sunlight, and polarized lenses that reduce glare. Comfort is made a priority and that is made apparent with the different materials used to construct the goggles including an adjustable bucket to provide a better fit, a silicone strap for greater durability, and a soft nose bridge for more stabilization The 180 degree lens design and polarized lenses ensure that anyone wearing these goggles experiences maximized visibility and clarity.
  7. MP Michael Phelps Women’s Xceed Goggles: These are some of the best goggles on the market for women in need of competitive eye wear to optimize their competitive swimming performance. The black, pink, and smoke lens color design makes these goggles a fierce, edgy style option, but they don’t lack in functionality at all. The exoskeleton is durable, yet relatively flexible and ultra comfortable with a watertight seal to protect the eyes when racing. The eye gaskets and head strap are extra soft to optimize comfort and the lenses are clear to provide a view that prioritizes complete clarity in the pool.

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