Should Everyone Put on Prescription Dive Masks and Exercise?


As humans, we’re conditioned to thrive on terra firm. So, it is no wonder that people sometimes panic while swimming or diving underwater. A good way to overcome that and build one’s underwater muscle is to exercise with his or her prescription dive mask on. No, we’re not talking about suiting up, dropping down and…

Trade Those Yoga Mats in for the Best, Prescription Swimming Goggles

swim goggles4

Have you ever tilted your head back or bent over for a little while and then felt dizzy? If so, your head-spinning problems may be more common than you think. As the Vestibular Disorders Association points out, more than half of all Americans are likely to have the same or similar experiences at least once….

Prescription Dive Masks Get Sardonic Mention During the Summer Olympics


Slate writer Justin Peters’ tongue in cheek article about the Olympic scuba diver made us chuckle. In case his brief piece escaped your eagle eyes, it focused on divers whose sole responsibility is to fetch lost items from the bottom of pools. He waxes somewhat sardonically about the men and women who fill these types…

Prescription Scuba Masks: Don’t Roll the Dice Before Your South Florida Dive


Are you ready to take a gamble and book passage to dive destinations unknown? If that’s how you’re feeling, why not go stateside to a place where sunshine and coral reefs reign? Yes, diving off Florida’s Pompano Beach isn’t a novel idea but thanks to a once mighty ship, there’s something new to see this…

Does Your Kid Want to Join the Swim Team? Get Them Prescription Swimming Goggles

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Swimming is one of the best physical activities because it works so many muscles in your body. It is also excellent for cardio, so it is beneficial for both kids and adults to swim on a regular basis. If your child wants to go as far as joining the swim team, you should do everything…

Why Prescription Swimming Goggles Make You Safe at the Beach


Going to the beach is one of the great pleasures of summer and fall. Generally, beaches and oceans are fairly safe environments, as long as visitors can swim. They also obey any rules about depth and riptides, keep in view of the lifeguard, and avoid dangerous objects. Like jellyfish or incoming small watercraft! But if…

Dream of Being a Scuba Diving Instructor? Order a Prescription Scuba Mask to Get Started

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If you love the water, you might enjoy swimming, snorkeling, bodyboarding, and surfing. These activities are fairly easy to handle when you do not have the greatest vision, but this does not apply to all of them. It is important to have excellent vision when going scuba diving because of the risk involved. So, when…

Have Fun and Stay Safe With Prescription Dive Masks


There are all kinds of reasons why you might choose to take up diving as a hobby. The thrill of a new adventure, the awe of experiencing the natural world around you, and of course taking in all of the fantastic sights of the underwater world. Of course, enjoying the sights can be difficult – if not…

Prescription Dive Masks for Awesome Underwater Adventures

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For those of us who need corrective lenses in our day-to-day lives, exploring the depths of the ocean or any underwater activity is often less enjoyable than we would like. But all of that can change with a dive mask that matches your regular prescription eyewear! Image the fun and comfort of seeing clearly underwater…

Let Yourself Be In Awe of the Depths of the Ocean: Prescription Scuba Masks

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The ocean holds beautiful wonders to be seen! According to author, Saint Augustine, the ocean is a sight to wonder at! He writes, “Men go abroad to wonder at the heights of mountains, at the huge waves of the sea, at the long courses of the rivers, at the vast compass of the ocean, at…