Prescription Dive Masks May Help Search and Rescue Scuba Teams in the Field

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When many people think of prescription dive masks, images of Caribbean seas and shipwrecks pop into their heads. Although the prescription masks certainly come in handy on those pleasurable occasions, there is a much me orserious reason to keep them handy. Take the recent Popular Mechanics’ story that spotlighted the New York Police Department’s scuba…

Enjoy Your Vacation to the Fullest With a Prescription Dive Mask


Jacques Cousteau told Time Magazine in 1960, “From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free.” Anyone who has practiced scuba diving understands this particular kind of freedom. Poor vision, however, can make the underwater experience…

See Sea Life as it’s Meant to be Seen


So you’re taking a leap of excitement and traveling to the island of your dreams.  Whether the location is Hawaii or anywhere in the Caribbean, what is the one activity you will be eager to get started on right away? Scuba diving! But wait, there’s one miscalculation you have yet to think of because of the cloud of…

Why Prescription Swimming Goggles Are Great for Senior Citizens

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If you have parents that are reaching the age of 65 and up – or are within hailing distance of that age yourself – getting a pair of prescription swimming goggles is one of the best things you could do. Why? Swimming is great exercise for no-longer-young people. Done regularly, it provides the same cardiovascular…

Dive into Summer with a New Prescription Dive Mask!


There’s no getting around it: summer is right around the corner. With the new season practically here, the time is right to be sure that you’re fully prepared for any activities that may come your way. If your summer plans involve diving, then the time has come to order yourself a new prescription dive mask. The…

Prescription swimming goggles for focused aquatics

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Swimming is a lifetime sport, open and available to anyone with access to water in a pool, lake, ocean or bay. It’s an activity that you can start young (Mommy and Me classes for infants) and continue well into your later years (United States Masters Swimming events regularly draw entrants in their eighties and nineties)….

Prescription Swimming Goggles the Perfect Solution for Sensitive Eyes

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Only those who actually suffer with extremely sensitive eyes know the extent to which this condition affects daily life. First and foremost among many annoyances is the fact that people with sensitive eyes are not able to wear contact lenses. People who contract frequent eye infections, have severe allergies, have dry eyes, work in an excessively dusty or…

Prescription Scuba Masks Make Diving More Fun

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Scuba diving is all about the fish. Most people start scuba diving because they love seeing and interacting with the wide variety of fauna and flora in the sea. Divers travel to places like Belize, the Philippines, the Similan Islands and the Red Sea in to find the best diving conditions and discover new underwater…

Summer’s Coming! Get Ready with Prescription Swimming Goggles

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Thanks to the El Niño Effect, this past winter wasn’t as terrible as some people feared. Here in North America, the famous Atlantic weather system brought milder conditions to the north, as well as cool, wet conditions to the south. Although the 2015-2016 winter season wasn’t as disastrous as some previous winters, most of us are still happy to…

Three Things to Look for When Considering Prescription Dive Masks

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In the last thirty years, the number of nearsighted people in the United States has doubled; adding in the number of people who are also farsighted, 75% of all adults now need some form of vision correction. That means more than a few divers are in need of corrective lenses in order to enjoy Nature’s underwater…