Dive Masks with Corrective Lenses for Distance

Dive Masks with Corrective Lenses for Distance

Choosing your dive mask can be an overwhelming process. Corrective Lenses for Distance on your Dive Mask It’s not enough to just pick the first mask that fits, there are many other considerations at play. Is the mask made from inferior materials? Is the mask intended for your style of diving? Are you going to…

What Dive Mask Works Best with Prescription Lenses?

MRx Prescription Dive Mask

Under the sea is an entirely new and different world. SCUBA divers know that nothing can fully prepare you for the incredible biodiversity of our oceans. They also know there’s no substitute for experiencing this world first-hand. For those who wear prescription glasses, however, this world may seem out of reach. This is simply not…

Hilco (z leader) prescription swimming goggles

Leader Adult Prescription Goggles Blue 33700

Prescription swim goggles are to best the best thing ever!  I wear contacts, and on occasion glasses, but when I am swimming how can I see?  Having prescription swim goggles can completely change your world in the water.  Check out the Hilco Z Leader prescription swim goggles. The model # 33710 is for children and…

Swimming goggles with prescription lens in yellow


Wearing glasses while swimming can be difficult and uncomfortable.  We offer prescription swim goggles that make it easy to see while you are swimming.  The Blick Adult Prescription Swim Goggles come in the following colors; Blue, Pink, Green and Black. They have an adjustable headband making it an ideal fit for adults and children.  For…

How long does my prescription dive mask take to manufacture

MRx Prescription Dive Mask

Owning a prescription dive mask is wonderful especially if you wear glasses because how can you dive and wear glasses?  Check out our MRx Prescription Dive Mask, No Purge.  This dive mask is made from the highest grade silicone and is built to last.  We offer this particular dive mask in the following colors; Black,…

Best prescription snorkel mask for swimming

MRx Prescription Dive Mask

The worst thing about wearing glasses is when you go swimming.  How can you see swimming without wearing your glasses?  Investing in a prescription snorkel mask might be a good choice for you.  On www.aquaeyewear.com we offer the MRx Prescription Dive Mask with Purge.  This mask is offered in the following colors: Black Blue Clear…

Customize prescription swimming goggles

Extreme Swimmer Swim Goggles

Swimming is a very popular sport throughout the world and protecting your eyes is very important.  Pools contain chemicals in order to keep them sanitary however, this can irritate the eyes.  Ordering a custom pair of prescription swim goggles from our website www.aquaeyewear.com can help keep your eyes safe from the pool chemicals.  Our Extreme…

Can you get prescription dive mask?

MRx Prescription Dive Mask

Wearing glasses just becomes part of your everyday life that when you have to take them off to do certain things you feel as if you are losing out on the experience, for example diving. Can you get prescription dive mask? Why should you have to miss out on doing something because you wear glasses….

Do they make prescription swim goggles?

Blick Adult Swim Goggles

Wearing glasses can sometimes be a problem especially if you are a swimmer.  How can you wear glasses while swimming and if you take them off to swim how can you see?  These are some of the problems you may face if you wear glasses.  But, there is a solution…prescription swim goggles.  The Blick Adult…

How long does it take to get prescription dive masks?

How Long Does My Prescription Dive Mask Take to Manufacture?

Ordering a prescription dive mask is easy, but then once you place your order when will you receive it? How Quickly Will My Prescription Dive Mask Arrive? Most prescription orders generally take about two weeks to process before shipping. Depending on the options you chose, your order could process faster or slower.  If for some…