Stuff Their Stockings and Gift Bags with Prescription Swimming Goggles

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With the holidays coming up, there’s never been a better time to buy prescription swimming goggles. They’re a one-size-fits-all, unisex gift that is both thoughtful and practical. Plus, the lenses can be customized to suit each swimmers’ vision needs. Give them alone, as stocking stuffers or part of larger gifts. That said, here are some…

Prescription Dive Masks May Help Dam and Pool Inspectors ID Trouble Early


Hurricane season brought more than wind damage to a number of states along the coast. It also brought a flurry of dam inspections and real worries over potential disasters. By all news accounts, North and South Carolina were among the hardest hit but they are not alone. The Federal Emergency Management Association and Association of…

Prescription Scuba Masks Help Vision Impaired Vets Better Manage Health


Veterans Day 2016 may have come and gone but America’s service personnel are still very much on the minds of many, including scuba divers. Take this WSFA 12 NBC article as proof of the scuba diving community’s concern for their fellow Americans. It highlights how some organizations are using the sport to help veterans better…

Conquer Your Fear of Swimming with a Pair of Prescription Swimming Goggles


Are you afraid of swimming? You are not alone. According to Athletic Business, based on a Gallup poll of American adults, 46% are afraid of the deep ends of swimming pools and 64% are afraid of deep open water.   For many individuals, this fear is a burden, isolating them and destroying their enjoyment of time…

Taking the Polar Bear Plunge? Prescription Swimming Goggles Let You See All the Action!

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As days get cooler and nights get longer in the Northern Hemisphere, many people think that swim season is over. Not so! Of course there’s always swimming at an indoor pool during the winter months — and we here at Aqua Eyewear fully support that option — but for a brave few, it is swimming…

Prescription Scuba Masks: Helping Cage Divers Avoid Scary Encounters


Ever consider cage diving with sharks? Chances are, October’s diving headlines may have changed your mind. The New York Times, and just about every other major media outlet, covered the story of one scuba diver’s harrowing experience with a great white. The large beast found its way into a protective cage and back out again…

Prescription Dive Masks are a Must for Many Who Want to Fully Enjoy the Beauty of the Underwater World


Are you someone who has to squint to see a presentation at a conference or even the television in your own living room? If so, you can bet you are likely to have those same types of problems if you decide to try skin diving. More and more vacation packages offer the opportunity for their…

Going on a Caribbean Vacation? Enhance the Trip with Prescription Swimming Goggles


Planning a vacation is enjoyable because it gives you some time to think about things other than your responsibilities on the job or the chores that you have to handle on a daily basis at home. Going to the Caribbean can provide you with a warm and relaxing vacation, regardless of what month you go….

Best Prescription Scuba Masks for Diving Off the Coast of Isla de Cano


Tucked away in the Pacific Ocean is an island whose peaks extend 404 feet into an azure sky. The locals call it Isla de Cano. Unlike other land masses of its kind, the spit of sand and rock is somewhat sheltered by Corcovado Bay.  In addition, the region itself is home to amazing mysteries, both…

Competitors Wear Prescription Swimming Goggles with Patriotic Pride


In early fall 2016, the junior swimming world was all a buzz as a result of a nationwide announcement. What was the news that had swim fans up and twirling their prescription swimming goggles? It was word that the 2017 FINA World Junior Championships would be held right here, on American soil. Pack Those Patriotic,…