Prescription Dive Masks: Perfect for Swims in Known Stonefish Hotspots


Imagine exploring the underwater recesses of the Indo-Pacific. It’s a beautiful, mysterious place brimming with great five spots. For example, it’s common to find people booking dive excursions to Sulawesi Utara. It’s a known diving hotspot. Unfortunately, divers who book those trips could also accidentally come into contact with stone fish. Considered members of the…

Keeping Beaches Kid-Friendly with Prescription Swimming Goggles


If you have ever taken a small child to the beach, then you know what a difficult experience it can be for everyone. First, it’s likely that because the beach trip is a special treat, the child will become over-excited and set expectations in the stratosphere. Tensions and excitement will run high. This means that when something…

Prescription Scuba Masks: For Those Unexpected Encounters with Octopodes


Don your prescription scuba masks and dive into any body of water. Chances are you’ll end up witnessing something amazing. But as a recent news story reminds us, you could also end up fin deep in trouble. Yes, we’re referring to the octopus that attacked an unsuspecting scuba diver this past February. The video of…

Calling All Divers: Prescription Dive Masks Are for You

dive mask-6

According to recent statistics, there are 1.2 certified scuba divers worldwide. Of those 1.2 million, the overwhelming majority is male (66%) and skew toward the young adult age group, with the average age being 29. If you find yourself among those numbers, this post is for you. Whether you are female or male, young or old, an…

Enjoy Beautiful Beaches with Prescription Swimming Goggles


There are lots of great reasons to do your swimming at the beach rather than in a pool. For one thing, most public pools have swimming seasons, while public beaches are open 95% of the year. For another thing, you just can’t beat the view. That’s why well-known destination beaches such as Miami Beach and Daytona Beach draw…

Find More Shark Teeth with a Prescription Dive Mask

shark teeth

Tired of spending countless hours diving to the bottom of the ocean in search of shark teeth, only to come up empty-handed? If so, perhaps you should invest in a prescription dive mask. The Value of Shark Teeth Diving for shark teeth is a popular recreational activity enjoyed by countless men and women throughout the…

Be Sure to Order Your Prescription Scuba Masks in Time for Spring Break!


Every year, collegians from across North America participate in Spring Break events. Although the details vary, these students generally travel to warm, exotic locations in order to relax, socialize, and enjoy themselves. While Panama City, Florida prepares for 500,000 visitors annually, South Padre Island sees 150,000 guests and Cancun, Mexico hosts 100,000. While Spring Break has earned itself…

Prescription Scuba Masks: Enjoy the View and Stay Safe

scuba diving

The underwater world is amazingly beautiful! It is a definitely a scene not to be missed. For those individuals with visual needs, prescription scuba masks make a clear view possible. There is so much more to see. There is no need to miss out on such incredible views due to blurred or obstructed vision! In addition to…

Save Your Spit and Sight with the World’s Best Prescription Scuba Masks


Prescription scuba masks are often built to meet the highest standards. However, there may be times when they fog up. Fogging is a common occurrence, whether masks are high or low quality. It is caused by natural condensation, which happens when the temperature of the prescription scuba masks clashes with that of the water and air….

Four Sights Worthy of Prescription Dive Masks

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If your vision isn’t quite 20/20, but you go diving anyway, we understand. While underwater sights are best seen in crystal clarity, not everything needs precision vision to appreciate. The following four sights, however, are exceptions. We recommend investing in a set of prescription scuba or dive masks before checking them off your bucket list. Four Sights…