Be Sure to Order Your Prescription Scuba Masks in Time for Spring Break!


Every year, collegians from across North America participate in Spring Break events. Although the details vary, these students generally travel to warm, exotic locations in order to relax, socialize, and enjoy themselves. While Panama City, Florida prepares for 500,000 visitors annually, South Padre Island sees 150,000 guests and Cancun, Mexico hosts 100,000. While Spring Break has earned itself…

Prescription Scuba Masks: Enjoy the View and Stay Safe

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The underwater world is amazingly beautiful! It is a definitely a scene not to be missed. For those individuals with visual needs, prescription scuba masks make a clear view possible. There is so much more to see. There is no need to miss out on such incredible views due to blurred or obstructed vision! In addition to…

Save Your Spit and Sight with the World’s Best Prescription Scuba Masks


Prescription scuba masks are often built to meet the highest standards. However, there may be times when they fog up. Fogging is a common occurrence, whether masks are high or low quality. It is caused by natural condensation, which happens when the temperature of the prescription scuba masks clashes with that of the water and air….

Four Sights Worthy of Prescription Dive Masks

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If your vision isn’t quite 20/20, but you go diving anyway, we understand. While underwater sights are best seen in crystal clarity, not everything needs precision vision to appreciate. The following four sights, however, are exceptions. We recommend investing in a set of prescription scuba or dive masks before checking them off your bucket list. Four Sights…

Wearing Prescription Swimming Goggles Indoors? Don’t Forget to Rinse!

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Until the weather sufficiently warms up, many of us will be swimming indoors. Of course that means exposure to pool chemicals. It is common knowledge that pool chemicals can negatively impact your hair, skin, nails and bathing suits. But what about prescription swimming goggles? Can excessive exposure to chlorine and non-chlorine products ruin them too?…

Prescription Dive Masks Make New Year’s Resolutions Achievable

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If you made a New Year’s Resolution for 2017, you are not alone. Research tells us that 45% of Americans typically make such resolutions, with most people focusing on self-improvement. When mapping out the next year, people typically resolve to lose weight, get organized, quit smoking, take up a new hobby, or learn a new…

Prescription Dive Masks May Be Needed After Common Surgical Procedures

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It’s a procedure that’s been around since the 1930s and is still used by optometrists today to treat at least a handful of vision problems. Although obviously effective, it can also sideline divers for both the short and long-term. We’re talking about radial keratotomy, which involves cutting into the affected eyes. National Eye Institute’s researchers…

Going Beyond Prescription Swimming Goggles to Deal with Excessive Glare

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Pool glare and photo-sensitivity problems have the ability to plaque even the most experienced swimmers. Pairs of prescription swimming goggles may help but they’re no good when people exit the pool. That’s why we’re sharing our secret weapon, Sea Specs. Considered sunglasses with a twist, they’re perfect for times when swimmers are enjoying poolside respites. When…

Investments in Prescription Scuba Masks Help Divers Take Better Photos


It pays to take great, underwater photos. Just ask Jennifer Idol and Kerry Lewis.  Both were feted thanks to photos they took while diving. Idol’s photos were published in a book and Lewis’ work netted her an award. We’ve taken a quick look at their photos and can clearly see why their work made national…

Stuff Their Stockings and Gift Bags with Prescription Swimming Goggles

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With the holidays coming up, there’s never been a better time to buy prescription swimming goggles. They’re a one-size-fits-all, unisex gift that is both thoughtful and practical. Plus, the lenses can be customized to suit each swimmers’ vision needs. Give them alone, as stocking stuffers or part of larger gifts. That said, here are some…