Eight Benefits Prescription Swimming Goggles can Have for Kids

If your child wears prescription glasses, it is important to remember there might be other facets of their life where a prescription eyewear alternative can be a big help. One way to help your child feel confident in the water is with prescription swimming goggles. Whether your child likes to sit by the lake or is actively involved in water sports, prescription goggles can be an empowering things to have. Here are eight benefits of prescription swimming goggles that you might not have realized can be a major benefit to your child.

1. Ensuring the Quality of Swim Goggles

While you might be on the market solely for prescription goggles, many times these will bring along with them some other quality features that are safer for your child. This can include benefits such as anti-fogging lenses and UV protection. You might have a hard time finding these options in an everyday swimwear section or if your child rents or borrows goggles at the pool. Being able to ensure that your child’s swimwear goggles helps their eyesight is only one benefit, other protections can come along with spending a little extra on quality, safe goggles for your child.

2. Assistance With Learning to Swim

If your younger child is starting to learn to swim either with you or in a lesson environment, acquiring this new skill can be a daunting task on its own. If your child has vision problems and won’t have their glasses on in the pool, this can make swim lessons almost impossible. Get your child started off on the right foot with prescription swim goggles that will be with them in the water from day one. This will help with their confidence and make their spacial awareness underwater easier and make learning a snap. If you have prescription swimming goggles for your child from a young age, this won’t be something they will need to get used to wearing later on in life.

3. Making Vacation More Enjoyable

If your child likes to swim mostly for leisure, this doesn’t mean that swimming goggles won’t come in handy on your next vacation. You never know when there will be an impromptu game of water tag or water volleyball. Don’t make your child miss out and have to sit on the sidelines just because they are insecure they can’t see well without their glasses in the pool or lake. Always add swim goggles to your list of things to bring on vacation so your child doesn’t end up missing out on any fun.

4. Empowerment at Summer Camp

While you might be able to be your child’s advocate and help with on vacation, if you child is going away to summer camp or even day camp, there will be times that they won’t have you around to help if they are without their glasses. If your child will be involved in group water sports this summer and usually wears glasses, it is a great idea to get them fitted for prescription swimming goggles so that they will be able to participate and feel confident around their peers and won’t have a reason to sit out on any activities because of vision limitations. Make sure your child’s goggles have a protective case, and if they are younger, leave these in the care of a counselor to hold onto until swim time.

5. Teaching Your Child Responsibility

If your child has prescription glasses already, then they are already learning lessons about responsibility and keeping track of a special, most likely expensive item in their care. This can easily carry over into keeping track of prescription swimming goggles. Make sure your child understands that their goggles are one of a kind, and need to be taken care of. If your child understands the importance of their prescription glasses, they will be more likely to keep these safe from harm or loss.

6. Keeping Swimming Safer

If your child loves the water and loves to swim, they might end up on a swimming or diving team in their community or school. While this can be a rewarding experience, they might not have the same advantage as other swimmers that don’t have vision problems. While minor sight issues probably won’t cause a major issue in the community pool, it is worth it to error on the side of safety. Make sure that your child has all of their facilities at their disposal, including their vision. Having prescription swimming goggles sourced for your child before starting the next swim season will keep them safe and might even give them an advantage in the water.

7. Giving Your Child A Competitive Edge

If your child is getting older and might be in a competitive water sport, there is no reason they shouldn’t take advantage of prescription swim goggles to help give them an edge in a sport where they cannot rely on traditional glasses. Even if your child doesn’t normally wear prescription goggles in the pool or their prescription isn’t that strong, it is worth a discussion with your optometrist and also their sports coach to review if giving prescription swim goggles might be worth a try. If your child can have the same sight level as their peers in the water, this might make all of the difference.

8. Personal Goggles are a Healthy Alternative

Much like sharing makeup or skin products, sharing swim goggles is never the best idea. While pools and sports centers might be careful to clean goggles between uses, there is always a risk. If your child has their own personal pair of goggles for their prescription in the first place, possibly coming in contact with germs won’t be a risk they will need to worry about. Especially if your child has vision issues to begin with, the last thing you want is your child contracting an eye infection from shared goggles.

You would never keep your child from having protective eyewear in the form of glasses or contacts, and the same could be said for prescription swim goggles. If your child loves the water and wears glasses daily to correct their vision, a practical extension of glasses would be investing in prescription swimming goggles for your child to enjoy for years to come.

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