Finding Prescription Dive Masks That Work for Your Needs

There are some approaches you should strive for in order to make sure that you get a prescription diving mask that works well for you. Here are some of these tips, including why this is important in the first place.

Why It’s Important to Get a Prescription Diving Mask That’s Right for You

There are a few reasons why this is important. For one thing, it’s estimated that your vision goes down by around half of what it is normally when you go under water. This is because your eyes are going to be confused by the new medium environment where the light is going from the air above into water before reaching your eyes.

Your eyes actually started out in water in terms of their development, but once you got to land, corrections were made in how the information was transmitted to the center of your brain that handles vision. As a result, the vistas under the sea can be all confused. This is why it’s important to make sure that you have a prescription for your diving mask. By getting your natural prescription, you can ensure that you see much better than you would otherwise.

If the mask isn’t right for you for some other reason, however, then much of this advantage could be conceivably lost.

Check the Prescription

Obviously, it’s important to make sure that you check the prescription before you make the purchase, and even doublecheck it, but you should also do this after you finish ordering and receive the mask. Check how easy it is to see under water. If you want, you can even seal something in a bag with words on it and put it in a tub or pool to see if you can read it or at least see it clearly once you have the mask on and look at the thing while submerged.

You really don’t want to have to worry about this after you’re already stuck with the mask, after all.

Seal Checks

One of the most important parts of prescription diving masks, or other varieties for that matter, is that it can create a seal against your face that prevents water from coming in. This is why it’s so important that you make sure that you test the mask before you buy it. This could mean going to check the mask in person and not buying it online, or, it could mean simply making the purchase online and then returning it if the seal doesn’t check out.

If you choose the latter option, you could literally try submerging it in water after putting it on your face in order to see if it works. If you’re going somewhere in person, the recommendation is that you breathe in through your nose to remove the air from inside the mask in order to see if it sucks in and stays on your face even when you take the strap on the back off.

Looking for a good “skirt” in general will help you determine the quality of the mask generally as well. Additionally, the best masks have a silicon skirt.

Watch for Face Movement

Believe it or not, moving your face too much can potential break a seal on a prescription diving mask if you aren’t careful. Supposedly this should be less of a problem when it comes to masks that are high quality enough, but it can also be worth testing. In particular, people have said that smiling too much could give you a problem with this, so if you plan on smiling a lot in your mask, it’s worth a test.

Pay Attention to the Strap

Both a loose strap and a strap that is too tight can be a serious issue when it comes to finding a mask that works for you. Obviously, if the strap is too loose, water can come in if you jerk too much and loosen the seal, defeating the purpose of the mask. If even a little bit of water gets into your mask, then it can also disrupt the prescription for your mask, rendering it also fairly useless.

If the strap is too tight, then this actually has the opposite effect of your intention to make sure the mask tighter to your face to get a better seal. The reason for this is because a strap that keeps tightening is actually going to eventually deform the seal around your face. When the seal deforms, it will let water in. You have to keep the strap at the right tightness so that the seal can do its job, essentially.

Other Potential Seal Problems

Since you’re getting a prescription mask, you’re really going to want to make sure that it creates a tight seal, so it can be worth testing it both before and after shaving your face if you’re a man, since stubble can change the way the mask fits, depending on the mask and how much you have. Even small things can disrupt or even break mask seals, after all.

This is also why it’s often recommended that you shave off a beard or mustache if you’re a man as well, since obviously this can be even more of a problem than mere stubble. Anything that moves between your face and the skirt of the mask can potentially allow water to get inside when you don’t want this to happen.

Overall, getting a good fit and a good quality for your prescription dive mask is essential to allow for the kind of dives that you want.

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