Get Ready for Warm Weather with a Prescription Scuba Mask

As spring arrives and the weather starts warming up for all but the coldest regions it’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be doing for the next twenty or so weekends. You could continue your winter habits of staying inside with a mug of tea or you can strike out and see a little more of the world. As the weather permits, soon water parks and beaches, and pools will be open for business again and anyone who takes summer vacations should already be booking their tickets ahead of time for the early-bird savings. Whether you’ll be swimming laps in your community pool, hurtling down water slides, or cruising the Caribbean, it’s important that you be able to see while you’re doing it.

Of course, sight is always a tricky subject when it comes to water activities because, for the most part, people with glasses simply don’t get to see while participating. All too often the choice is to stand on the sidelines or leave your glasses in a safe place before embarking on a watery adventure. This is exactly why we offer special products just for people with impaired vision like prescription scuba basks, dive masks, and swim goggles. With the simple innovation of putting air-tight prescription lenses into specialized mask and goggle frames, we can transform that blurry day of fun into one of clarity and excitement.

See Your Adventures

The first and undeniably best advantage of prescription scuba masks is your ability to finally see all the wonderful things you like to do in and around the water. Swimming in the pool, you’ll be able to dive to the bottom and collect sunken pool toy treasures for small children and scavenger hunts. At the water park, you can finally take not only a good long look at rides from the base but actually get the full terrifying view of the city at the top of those amazing water slides.

However, prescription scuba masks are especially useful if you’ve gone on a beach, lake, or even riverside vacation where you can look all the way under the water at the fascinating plant and animal life that lives just below the waves. To get the best view, take a trip to a coral reef and finally get your chance to fully absorb the beauty of the colorful fish, growing coral, and all the little jewel-colored creatures and plants that live in-between.

Know Where You’re Going

Ever have to rely on a friend to guide you around your own vacation? This is one of the least convenient parts of having watery adventures without your glasses. When you’re prepared to jump into the water or go on another wet ride at any moment, the world goes by in a hot, enjoyable blur and not just experientially. You literally can’t see. Of course, with a prescription scuba mask, you can use the mask as your adventure glasses with the straps pulled loose for comfort and you will finally be able to see where you’re going while on vacation. No more hand or elbow holding. No more bumping into things or getting lost because your glasses are back with the towels. Prescription scuba masks or goggles give you visual freedom in and out of the water.

Recognize Your Friends

One of the biggest challenges when playing at the water park or beach without your glasses is getting separated. Even if your party splits in half to meet up later, you may find yourself constantly scanning the blurry crowd trying to make out your friends among all the bathing suit-clad strangers. You may even have trouble recognizing friends who are simply across the pool from you. However, prescription swimming goggles can change all that. Now you can hang out at the poolside, waterpark, or beach able to perfectly identify friends both nearby and far away. Never again will you stare puzzled at an approaching familiar face or try to talk to a stranger with a similar haircut.

Remember New Faces

Finally, you will also be able to easily participate in one of the primary purposes of taking a vacation: meeting new people. Making new friends is hard when you’re not wearing your glasses because there are all sorts of tiny social visual cues that people give each other and the myopic among us tend to miss out entirely. If you meet an attractive or interesting stranger on the beach, you’ll want to remember everything about them so you can meet up later, including their facial features and the kind of welcoming friendly expressions they made while meeting you. With prescription swimming goggles or a mask, you will be able to see new friends clearly even if half your delightful interactions happen under water.

It’s surprising how many people accept the visual limitations of swimming without their glasses without ever thinking about the fact that prescription swim goggles or scuba masks could be only a few easy clicks away. Aqua Eyewear is dedicated to changing that. With one excellent pair of prescription swim eyewear at a time, we’re offering the visually impaired a chance to fully participate in water activities as they have never been able to before. Try a pair of prescription swim goggles and, if you like them, consider telling your other glasses wearing friends about their opportunity to transform water activities forever. With prescription underwater eyewear, never again will you lose the diving scavenger hunt, lose track of friends at the beach, or lose your glasses at the bottom of the pool trying to swim with them.

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