How to Find The Right Prescription Swimming Goggles For Your Kids

When your child is an avid swimmer and wears prescription glasses, swimming can be a frustrating activity for both you and them. But it doesn’t have to be when your young one has a pair of prescription swimming goggles that will allow him or her to see clearly when they are in the water. If you have never bought a pair of prescription swimming goggles for your child and want to make sure you are getting the best product, take a look at the five key things you want to look before buying anything. 

  1. Accuracy: When you are in the market for a pair of prescription swimming goggles, your top priority is obviously getting the right prescription in the lenses. With some swimming goggles, they are only designed with clear lenses and don’t offer the option to have a correction built in or prescription lenses custom-designed into the frames. In order to save time and money, be careful to notice which goggles offer corrective lenses and which ones do not. Additionally, it is important to keep in mind that some swimming goggles only come with a specific type of lens. For example, some only offer a nearsighted correction, while others only offer a farsighted correction. In most cases, when you are ordering prescription swimming goggles online, you can input your child’s prescription and the manufactures will custom-build the lenses with the correct prescription into the frames.
  2. Security: One of the top priorities a parent is looking for when buying almost anything for their child is security. If your child participates in lots of water activities, whether it is competing on the swim team or just spending lots of time in the pool during the summer, you most assuredly want them to have eye wear that will keep water from getting into their eyes. Not only is this an inconvenience and a distraction for them, it could lead to irritants or an infection in the eyes if they are highly sensitive to the chemicals and other contents in the pool or body of water they are swimming in. When you are shopping for prescription swimming goggles for your kids, make sure to purchase something that comes with a strong seal and grip that will keep water out of the eyes and keep visibility optimized when in the water.
  3. Functionality: What good is a pair of prescription swimming goggles (or anything for that matter) if it doesn’t function correctly? You could find a pair of swimming goggles that look they would be perfect for your child, and yet when they wear them, they either don’t fit correctly, don’t provide the highest level of visibility, or don’t protect their eyes from water. Unless you are buying prescription swimming goggles online, it is a good idea to have your child test our the goggles by trying them on first. Ask them to tell you how it feels on them, if they can see clearly, and if there is anything about the goggles that doesn’t work for them. If you are buying a pair of prescription swimming goggles online, make sure to check out the reviews beforehand. When you see what other people have to say first, you can get a better sense that you are making the right investment and that it is clear that the manufactures have indeed prioritized functionality.
  4. Safety: Security is one thing and while it is one of the most important features to expect from a pair of swimming goggles, it isn’t necessarily the same as safety. When you are buying a pair of prescription swimming goggles for your child, one of the first things you should look for is what safety features the goggles have to offer. Are the lenses shatterproof if they are glass? And is there a scratch-resistant and anti-fog coating to ensure your child has the highest level of visibility when they are in the water? What material is the head strap made of, is it hypoallergenic, and is it durable enough that you know it won’t snap or break in the water? Before buying anything, check out the safety features and ensure that everything about the swimming goggles are up to your standards. You will have greater peace of mind knowing that your child has the highest quality, safety eye wear product on the market and they will have a safer, more enjoyable time in the water.
  5. Comfort: No one, child or adult, enjoys wearing something that is uncomfortable. So when you are buying a pair of prescription swimming goggles for your child, it makes sense that you would only want to invest in something you know will fit comfortably on them without causing any irritation. Swimming for long periods of time will become extremely inconvenient for your child when they are so preoccupied with the distracting eye wear on their face. Security is one important element of comfort. When the goggles are not secure, water could potentially leak in and compromise vision. Secondly, you want to find a frame and an easily adjustable head strap that offers maximized comfort while still providing a firm grip. Lastly, when your child has a pair of prescription swimming goggles that have the wrong prescription, this will clearly impede on their comfort as well as potentially damage their eyesight. Before buying a pair of prescription swimming goggles, make sure your child’s prescription is updated.

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