How to Personalize Your Prescription Swim Goggles

Swimming has always been one of those special challenges for people who wear glasses. In most cases and the vast majority of recreational events you can figure out a way to work your glasses into the equation. You can go hiking, rock climbing, cave spelunking, boat touring, and all sorts of other great vacation activities simply by strapping your glasses on tight with a back strap or small improvised bungee cord but swimming in your glasses generally considered a terrible idea. Even if you secure them with the usual methods, water will stream over both sides, they can get knocked loose and, of course, you can’t actually protect your eyes from swimming pool chlorine or the debris in natural waters with glasses alone. Some people try to wear their glasses at the beach, river, lake, or pool but most simply accept that the glasses have to stay with the towels and picnic lunch and your swimming activities will simply be blurry and difficult to navigate.

Of course, our friends and family are always understanding. They often help visually impaired companions keep up with rambunctious activities, find underwater pool toys and get up onto safe places to hang out with your feet in the water but who wants to be tag-along on other people’s grand waterside adventures? Let’s face it, as fun as swimming and splash fights and water volley ball are with or without the glasses, it’s still less fun than it could be if only you could see during the fun and games.

The good news is that there a few modern products available to the visually impaired that finally impart clear vision in and out of the water without running back and forth to put on or take off your glasses. Prescription goggles and swim masks open up an entirely new world of aquatic and poolside adventures with the simple application of a water-tight seal and sturdy plastic lenses. All you need to do now is find a pair you love, customize to match your own personal style, and order them.

Among the best models currently available are the transformable and quite personalization friendly Blick Prescription Swim Goggles. These goggles come in a simple and sleek design with a combination of oval and jewel-shaped eye pieces set with round prescription lenses. Each is designed with a combination of black and dark, rich variation of your favorite colors creating a cool or elegant appearance perfect for adults enjoying their very first vacation in perfect focus and clarity. The lenses themselves are made of a sturdy plastic that is sure to last through many trips to the beach, pool, and water park.

One of the best things about these goggles is their complete adjustability. The back elastic strap has a clasp that pulls evenly from the center rather than where they attach to the eye pieces, giving you a more comfortable and reliable way to tighten and loosen your goggles. Even better, the nosepiece can be replaced with a smaller band that will make the goggles interchangeable between adult and children’s sizes. If you have a child with a similar prescription or just want to show them how the goggles work, you can simply switch out the nose piece and pull the back strap tight for a perfect child’s fit. You could also buy these goggles for your child and be sure they would still fit years when you put the adult nosepiece in.


As for colors, the Blick prescription swim goggles come in a selection of five distinct and appealing variations including blue, pink, green, purple, and black. The blue is a dark sky hue with the lens peripherals tinted to match. The strap is a wide stripe of blue bordered by black. The pink option is far from bubble gum, instead presenting as a dark jeweled pink closer in the color spectrum to maroon. Green has a distinctly aquatic coloration, like an emerald seen through ocean water with a shining green and black strap and green tinted peripheral lenses and the purple is a deep royal color. Unlike the others, the backstrap on the black model has a white center bordered by the usual black side stripes.

Even better than just being able to pick your frames and straps color, you also have the option of a lens tint of your choice. You can turn any pair of prescription goggles into cool tinted shades with not just one but a combination of your favorite colors. The lens tint options include yellow, gray, pink, and blue, all classic fashion shades colors that will combine attractively with your frames.

Now the only thing you need to know is how to get your pair of prescription swim goggles. The easiest way is to find an online vendor and go through the quick and simple ordering process. First pick your favorite goggles color, then punch in the details of your prescription one eye at a time. If you don’t yet have a copy of your prescription, ask your optometrist and they should be happy to send you one.

Armed with a new pair of prescription swim goggles, you are now ready to take on all your favorite beaches, water parks, and pools with an amazing new clarity of vision. Now every aquatic activity you love and have longed to participate fully in will open up before you. Enjoy the ocean floor, the distant docks, and looking at whatever you like at the pool without having to run back for your glasses.

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