Prescription Goggles: Swimming For A Healthier You

As the American population ages, our health issues are increasing in scope and expense. What is the pace of our aging, how is our overall health and what does it cost in the long run?

  • Over one-third of adults in the U.S. are obese. The total associated medical cost nationwide is nearly $150 billion annually.
  • By the year 2020, 37% of the U.S. population will be age 50 or older.
  • The greatest health risks to older individuals are diabetes (12 million Americans age 60 and older), pre-diabetes (57 million age 20 and older) and hypertension; all chronic, mostly preventable conditions.
  • Nearly 23 million Americans wear some form of corrective lenses; of that number, over a quarter are over age 65.
  • 95% of adults fail to meet the daily aerobic exercise recommendation of 30 minutes set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; less than one-third of adults age 65-74 are minimally physically active.

With healthy aging paramount to a long and active life spent in familiar surroundings, near close friends and loved ones, the process starts with good habits learned early. A varied diet, controlled stress levels, avoidance of tobacco and limited alcohol use maintain balance. Exercise is a major component in sustained bone and muscle strength and mental sharpness. Swimming is an activity for any age level and ability and enjoyable for life.

11 reasons swimming and aging work together well:

It’s a non-impact sport: There’s minimal impact on knees, hips, ankles and other weight-bearing body parts.

It’s a year-round sport: Swim outdoors in any size or configuration pool, or head indoors. If you travel, many hotels provide a pool as part of their fitness area. There’s no reason to leave your aquatic workout at home.

It helps injured muscles: Swimming improves blood flow all over the body; critical for healing sore muscles.

It burns calories: The number of calories consumed depends on swimming speed and size and gender of the swimmer, but a workout done at moderate speed, a range of 400 to 700 calories is normal.

It maintains mobility: Swimming involves use of arm and leg muscles and the “core” muscle group (back, abdominal and gluteal); this complete body involvement increases overall tone and flexibility and promotes a better chance of lifelong mobility.

It works muscles harder, increasing their mass: You don’t get bigger, but your muscles get longer, leaner and stronger.

It works the cardiovascular system: Lung capacity increases and breathing capability improves as a swimmer coordinates proper breathing with swim strokes.

It strengthens bones: Swimming builds thicker, not bigger bones, making them more resistant to fracture and injury.

It relieves stress: A solid workout releases physical tension and the lack of outside distractions while swimming give new meaning to “me time.”

It is social or solo: Join a local swimming club and swim for fun, a U.S. Masters group and train to compete or swim alone. It’s a group participation or go-it-alone sport.

The intensity level is up to you: Swim twice a week or seven days a week, 500 yards or 5,000 meters. The swimmer dictates the distance and intensity.

10 reasons to choose Aqua Eyewear prescription swimming googles

If you thought contact lenses worn while swimming were the answer: Contact lenses worn under ordinary goggles were the answer. But lost or loose googles results in lost contact lenses. Prescription goggles save money spent on contact lenses.

The view of others in the lane: On a busy day, you share your swim lane with others. It’s crucial to see other swimmers clearly.

Avoid hazards: You’ll clearly see anything from wayward pool toys to “accidental” cannon-balling kids. When fair weather turns foul, you’ll easily spot those heavy clouds and leave the pool area quickly.

Timing is everything: As you swim more often, you’ll want to time yourself against a time clock to see improvements. With prescription goggles, you’ll see beyond the lane line and over to the time clock.

Protect your precious eyes: Saltwater and chlorine dry the eyes, resulting in pain and burning. Custom-fitted goggles keep water and pollutants out of your eyes, greatly lowering the risk of injury and infection.

Better depth and distance judgement: Prescription goggles improve depth and distance perception; you won’t swim into the wall, dive into too-shallow water or cross over the lane lines.

Get them for swimming, use them for other water sports: Prescription goggles work for water polo, water skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving and boating. It’s one investment for several sports.

Like your glasses, goggles go multi focal: Prescription goggles accept single vision and multi focal lenses, so you can read a workout or a watch and swim without ever removing the goggles.

Sharper vision compensates for other diminished senses: Hearing loss is problematic for swimmers; lighting alarms and lifeguard whistles go unnoticed, and while swimming in the open water of a lake or ocean, jet skis, boats and kite surfers pose potential hazards. The focused vision provided by prescription goggles offers a clear view of people and precarious situations.

Place your order easily: Whether a domestic or international customer, order online or by phone, regular or express shipping.

Aqua Eyewear offers custom-made swim goggles for any prescription. They individual sizing fits tight and they stay right where you place them and maintain looks and quality, whether you swim for fun or compete regularly. Aqua Eyewear also stocks sunglasses, safety glasses and other sports glasses adaptable to your needs. In-stock orders ship next business day, and we fill and ship prescription orders within 10 business days.

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