Three Prescription Swimming Goggles for Children Under 12

As the weather warms up and pool parties are on the horizon, perhaps a little closer or further away depending on where you live, it’s time to start thinking about your child’s swimming eyewear, especially if they normally wear prescription glasses. As we’ve all had drilled into our heads since a young age, pool safety is incredibly important. On top of not running, screaming, or jumping off the high-dive, your child also needs to be able to see where they’re going, who they’re spending time with, and what’s in the water nearby.

Unfortunately for kids who need corrective lenses, this is a pretty tall order as any water-based activity requires that their usual glasses be folded and tucked safely away with their clothes lest they accidentally wind up at the bottom of the pool. Even for parents of children with perfect 20/20 vision, it’s a good idea to send them out with goggles to protect their young eyes from the harsh chlorine and other questionable contents of a public or private swimming pool.

Of course, choosing the right pair of prescription swimming goggles can be fairly challenging. You want to make sure before ordering them that the nose-width is adjustable, the plastic seal around the eyes is soft and comfortable, and that the goggles come in your child’s favorite color. That last one is especially important as these will not only be eye protection and vision correction but a fashion statement during a highly social time in their lives. To help you choose, we have for you today a list of three excellent options for children’s swimming goggles chosen from our online selection.

1) For Younger Children

Younger children like bright colors, soft eye-cups, and items that are easy to locate from a distance making the model AE-1984 the perfect goggles for children between the ages of four and eight. Each brightly colored pair is designed with wide, soft eye-cups in a vibrant yellow accented by one of three delightful accent colors that form the lens frames and flexible nose piece. The lenses themselves are oval-shaped and bordered with yellow that matches the cups. The strap is a soft elastic that pulls tight at the temples so you can easily help your child fit their goggles correctly and, of course, you can order the lenses in plain clear plastic or your child’s prescription so they can see during their swimming field trips and play dates. The colors your child can choose from are a lovely purple, bright pink or aqua blue.

2) For School-Age Children

As a child enters school-age between the years of seven and ten, nothing is more important than dressing in their favorite colors. Children of this age see color as an identifying mark and will spot each other in a crowd based on the color of their t-shirts, shoe-laces or, in this case, prescription goggles. For this age group, we have the K-Shark model of kids swimming goggles. These are designed to appeal to kids of a slightly more mature bent, leaving behind the pre-school yellow for a subtle translucent white eye-cups and matching nose piece. The lenses are evenly shaped ovals available in clear or corrective prescription and the strap can be adjusted and clipped into place at the temples for a comfortable no-slip hold. Where does color come in, you ask? Standing out on the white background, the frames around the eyes can be ordered in dark blue, pale green, white, soft purple, and pink.

3) For Older Children

As children start to see puberty on the horizon, their sense of style begins to change. Not only do they need larger goggles than they did in their younger years, they also want to focus less on bright colors and more on looking cool. For these fashion-conscious pre-teens between the ages of 9 to 12, your child may be more interested in the model HSV-1301 by Progear. These simple, sleek goggles are primarily black, with soft black eye-cups, a black strap that adjusts at the temples and a black nose piece with the brand name stensiled in subtle silver letters. For a touch of personalization, the 1301 comes in three distinctly cool colors with metallic dark blue or “indigo” on black, vivid dark purple or “violet” on black, and the classic no-nonsense dark grey or “smoke” on black.

The Perks

Both models of goggles for younger children have a limited but appreciable set of customizable selections beyond simple prescription lenses and frame color choice. If your children wear bifocals, for instance, you can actually have these included in the goggle lens design for very little extra. You can also protect your child’s eyes or entertain them with unique lens colors. Among your tint selection are yellow, gray, pink, or blue depending on you and your child’s preferences.

Because the 1301s are for older kids, they also get grownup-sized options. Your tweens can have bifocals if they want or go with line-free progressive lenses which subtly shift prescription about halfway through. They have a choice in lens material, an extended tinting selection, and you can even order custom lens coatings to keep them safe or create an unusually cool glasses look. The coating options include anti-reflective, anti-scratch, UV protection, anti-fog, and mirror goating in red, blue, silver, and green. We suggest the UV and Fog protection as particularly useful during long hours of outdoor play in the water.

Most kids who need corrective lenses have to muddle along during pool parties and trips to the beach or water park. A pair of prescription swimming goggles is one of the best gifts and advantages you can give your child because this year, they’ll finally be able to see their friends and the delightful world around them without putting their everyday glasses at risk.

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