Why Children Need Prescription Swimming Goggles

Swimming is an important part of any kid’s childhood experiences. Whether they live near a lake and go swimming every day during warm months or trips to the community pool are a special treat they get only a few times a year, almost every child loves to swim. You learn some things about yourself as you brave the waters. Whether or not you’re the type to slowly acclimate to the cool temperature of the water if you jump right in. There are the kids who head right for the deep end and those who cling to the wall. Those who learn to flip and spin and those who prefer to run laps. There are dozens of nuances to a swim party or summer camp swimming event surrounded by other kids and fun activities.

However, while almost all kids can learn to swim confidently with support and encouragement from their friends, there has always been one factor where a significant percentage of kids always fall behind: vision. You simply can’t wear your glasses in the pool. No matter how brave, strong, and involved your child is, if they can’t see, there are many activities they will not be able to participate in. Diving for sinking toys, swimming out to designated floating items, even hanging out on the docks playing I-spy become exclusive games that nearsighted children are left out of.

Of course, most kids are resilient. They find other ways to play or convince their friends to stay close by, but why limit your child’s experience if you don’t have to? Prescription swimming goggles give children with imperfect eyesight the ability to play freely on swimming days without risking losing or breaking their everyday pair of glasses. They can switch into the goggles early for hanging around the water side having super soaker fights with friends, quickly dive in and play in the water without the normal hesitation or “hold on, I have to put down my glasses” stage so many children are familiar with.

Playing Games in Their New Goggles

Children with impaired vision have gotten used to the fact that swimming days are simply not their best day, but with prescription goggles they will finally be able to fully enjoy every aspect of this wonderful part of childhood. With the sudden addition of visual clarity to their swimming activities, you may see an entirely new side of your child on swimming days, more adventurous, outgoing, and capable than ever before.

This is because not being able to see makes you nervous and cautious, even if you’re having a good time. With this limitation lifted, they will be able to spot their friends across the pool, throw and catch¬†frizbees and squishy water balls with far greater accuracy, and participate in water games that once seemed well out of their reach.

Games that involve diving for sunken items enter the realms of possibility and if your child enjoys them, they could easily become the new reigning champion on enthusiasm alone, now able to identify items from the surface to target before diving and able to do so again and again without struggling with fuzzy, unreliable vision. You may even find that your child becomes much more confident in the deep end now that they can see the entire area clearly. Items that were not part of the original game like lost pennies and pretty stones will get piled on the side of the pool as everything suddenly becomes a potential target for investigation.

Wearing Prescription Goggles for All Day Events

Prescription swimming goggles are even a great solution for all-day events like trips to the water park. Normally your child would have to leave their glasses with a care taker before going on the ultimate water slides and log flume rides that are an integral part of this experience, but in doing so they lose the benefit of the spectacular view from the top and on the way down. Now, they will be able to see it all and may well delight in pointing out their friends on the ground, surveying the entire park, and trying to spot local landmarks nearby.

You don’t even have to worry about the imprints in their little faces from wearing goggles down over their eyes too long, as long as you have a system. When out of the water, your child can simply loosen the straps and let the goggles sit comfortably over their eyes without pressure. Then, when it’s time for another water activity, it only takes a second to pull them tight into a seal again. This minor step is so much less hassle than retrieving and stowing a pair of glasses and allows them to see during the most enjoyable parts of the event.

Your child didn’t choose to have impaired vision, but you can choose to give them the corrective tools they need to enjoy every aspect of childhood. With prescription swimming goggles, your child will finally be able to fully participate in water based events like trips to the river, lake, pool, or water park without having to sacrifice their ability to see clearly. Of course, prescription goggles don’t just come in kid’s sizes. If you’re also part of the glasses-wearing community, then you exactly what it’s like to deal with glasses in a swimming environment and the both of you could soon be enjoying a shared water event with new visual clarity.

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