4 Amazing Ways to Gift a Prescription Scuba Mask

When it comes to specialty prescription gear, most people think of this as a personal endeavor. After all, you know and are responsible for your own prescription and ability to see. Just as no one’s going to keep track of your glasses for you or arrange for you to have an extra pair, you assume that no one will be sourcing specialty prescription gear for you either. This is a perfectly practical attitude to have and generally ensures that those of us who need glasses take care of our own vision needs, but it’s not actually written in stone. Parents buy glasses for their children and there’s no rule, written or unwritten, that says you can’t buy prescription vacation gear for your loved ones as well.

In fact, because underwater vacations are so terribly hard on anyone who needs serious vision correction, prescription swim gear makes a perfect gift for someone you love and want to vacation with. Here are four amazing ways to use a prescription scuba mask as an incredibly thoughtful and personal gift.

1) The Surprise Anniversary Vacation

You’re one-half of an eternal partnership and have lived with your spouse for a long time. You know their quirks, preferences, and secret desires. You can cook at least a few of their favorite foods, know their favorite music, and can easily get ahold of their glasses prescription and this gives you an idea. Anniversaries are an incredibly special occasion for the two of you and you always try to spend them together. Sometimes you stay in and have a cuddly romantic evening and sometimes you go all-out with friends, parties, and maybe even a vacation.

This year, you’ve got something special planned, something neither of you have ever done before because one or both of you wear glasses: Scuba diving. Of course, no scuba trip is right unless you can actually see the beautiful coral reef and colorful fish so you have an extra special way to let your beloved know where you plan to take them this year.

A prescription scuba mask wrapped in their favorite color is the perfect message and gift to let your wonderful spouse know that you will take them for an experience they couldn’t have had without you: Breathtaking scuba diving in full corrected visual clarity. If you also wear glasses, this is the perfect time to order a pair for yourself as well.

2) Your Child’s Birthday Pool Party

You are the proud parent of an incredibly energetic young child who loves to swim. Every year they find new ways to build floating castles, invent pool games to play with friends and family, and insist on having a pool party for their birthday. You love to watch your little munchkin play in the pool, run around, and dive in again and again. You still remember how happy you were when they mastered their fear of the deep end and started exploring the bottom of the pool.

The only catch? Every year their corrective lens prescription gets stronger and you’re worried about your child’s ability to actually see what they’re playing with when in swimming without their glasses. Diving for scavenger items takes longer than it needs to and sometimes they can’t see a water toy that’s only a couple yards away. This year, you’ve decided to put a stop to the poolside blindness with a unique gift they’ll never see coming.

A prescription scuba mask is a wonderful way to show your child how much you support their love of swimming. They will allow your child to be safe in and out of the pool without running back for their glasses. Underwater scavenger hunts will no longer be a problem and you may find that your child begins truly exploring the bottom and far ends of the pool now that they are able to see clearly. Games of water ball and capture the floating castle will become more precise and you can be sure the scuba mask will see many hours of happy use before their prescription changes again and it’s time to update.

3) For That Graduation Trip

A teenager in your family is graduating soon and they’ve done incredibly well. With a combination of good grades, good attitude, and dedicated college applications they are well on their way to an amazing young adulthood. For this amazing performance, their parents have decided to reward them with an incredible graduation celebration trip and you know they’re headed to the ocean. Of course, this studious teen also wears glasses and simply can’t stand the feel of contacts so there’s a good chance that all of their waterside activities will be done with blurry vision.

Whether this teen is your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, or younger cousin, you have the power to transform their ocean vacation into more than just a fun, relaxing time. With a prescription diving mask, they will have the ability to not only enjoy the sun, the beach, and the other people vacationing, they will be able to truly experience the amazing underwater activities. Swimming with dolphins, exploring a coral reef, and seeing some amazing underwater art will no doubt have them thanking you emphatically for this incredibly thoughtful graduation gift.

4) A Mothers Day Cruise Excursion

Your mother has done some truly wonderful things for you over the last several decades, starting with, of course, bringing you into this world. She has taken care of you when you’re sick, comforted you when things went wrong, and has always been there for you through thick and thin. You love your mother and as an adult, you occasionally go out of your way to show her how much you still care and appreciate her. This year, you’re taking her on a special mothers day cruise, whether as an only loving child or with your siblings. There are dozens of wonderful events on and off the boat to partake in, but you want to show her something new and special.

Your mother’s day gift this year will be an astoundingly beautiful tour of underwater vistas, meeting fascinating aquatic life and snapping pictures the whole time. Of course, her thick-lensed glasses are sure to get in the way except that you’ve thought ahead. With a prescription scuba mask, your mother will be able to see everything with crystal clarity in a way that has never before been possible. You’ll be favorite sibling this year for sure.

No matter who your glasses-wearing loved one is, if they adore swimming but require significant visual correction for enjoyable clarity, you can give them the gift of underwater freedom with a thoughtfully selected prescription scuba mask.

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