6 Places You Can Enjoy Your Prescription Swim Goggles

Wearing prescription glasses is a widely accepted part of modern life. With nearly half the population needing some kind of vision correction, it’s no surprise that there are millions who don’t prefer contacts and tend to wear glasses nearly 100% of the time. Despite the fact that the glasses-wearing community is so large, there are still countless activities you just can’t do while wearing them. Playing contact sports, practicing martial arts, and going on roller coasters are some of the better known limitations but perhaps the most widely practiced activity that glasses-wearers struggle with is swimming. You just can’t effectively use your glasses under water even if you strap them tightly to your head.

Of course, not to be thwarted by a small amount of water in the eyeballs, the lens and eyewear crafters have come of with a clever and absolutely perfect solution to this long-standing problem. Prescription swim goggles and prescription scuba masks. Made in two different ways, these products achieve the same goal and one that glasses-wearers have needed for centuries. Simply by replacing the clear plastic panels with specially shaped lenses, it is absolutely possible to get your exact prescription into your visual swimwear without having to wear contacts under normal goggles and risk the horrible stinging that comes with it.

Once you have a pair of prescription swim goggles or a mask, your only remaining question is where you will wear them. With your eyes protected and your vision corrected all by one handy solution, you’re suddenly free to choose all sorts of vacation-like activities to explore. Here are our favorite six opportunities opened up by prescription swim goggles and masks.

1) Tropical Vacations

Have you ever wanted to go on a tropical vacation? Many glasses-wearing people still do in order to enjoy lounging on the beach, luxuriating in the hotel spas, and sipping Mai-Tais but what about all those unique ocean adventures you can only have while visiting a tropical paradise? With prescription swim goggles or a mask, you can finally join friends and family on adventures like swimming with the dolphins or exploring a beautiful coral reef teeming with life and color.

2) Pool Parties

On the more residential and far less cost-intensive side of things, pool partiers are a part of life that many glasses-wearers have been missing out on since early childhood. There is always a terribly difficult choice between playing in the water with your friends or actually being able to see the party and know what’s going on. This has always been a pretty tough decision but with prescription swim goggles, you don’t have to worry about it. Simply flip the goggles down when you don’t have your glasses on and enjoy the ability to see both in and out of the water.

3) Lakeside Cabins

Many families take great joy in getting away from it all for a weekend to a few weeks during the summer and by far one of the most popular ways to do this is to rent a cabin by the lake. There’s a wonderful freedom in the ability to wake up at dawn or sleep until noon, to go fishing or dive right into the lake and enjoy the cool water on a hot summer day. However, for people with glasses, it’s often much more dangerous to jump into a lake when you can’t see what’s at the bottom or what is swimming around you. Prescription goggles or a dive mask are the perfect solutions for your family lakeside vacations because you can finally participate in the lake-bottom scavenger hunts, go swimming on your own without fear, and race your family to the far pier with a perfectly clear view of where that far pier is.

4) The Aquarium

For most people, trips to the aquarium mostly include walking past tanks full of beautiful fish and under corridors of water that arch over your head. However, for those who plan special parties and come on the right days, there are many opportunities to actually jump right in those big beautiful tanks and swim with the majestic aquatic life. While people who need glasses have traditionally needed to make the sad decision of skipping the swim or seeing the breathtaking fish less clearly, now prescription swim goggles make it possible to experience this rare and wonderful opportunity with crystal clarity.

5) Summer Camp

Let’s take a moment to look at something that mostly affects children, but is a very good reason to get your kids prescription goggles. Summer camp is one of the best experiences a child can have. It gives them a chance to spend some time away from home in a safe environment surrounded by other kids, connects them with nature, and gets them used to being okay with a little dirt and grime during the day. They also learn skills that are hard to learn at school like how to make fires, ride horses, and swim safely in a river. In fact, water activities make up nearly a fourth of all summer camp fun and kids with glasses often find themselves missing out on the best parts or not being able to see during them. Prescription goggles give your child the freedom to get every drop of enjoyment from each summer camp experience.

6) Water Parks

Water parks, on the other hand, are for “children of all ages” which means adults who love water slides, wave pools, and splash rides have just as much to gain as the kids do when it comes to water-friendly prescription eyewear. Wearing your glasses to the water park is even more of a hassl than the pool or a normal theme park because you constnatly have to decide wether to put them on or take them off. Not to mention the droplets on both sides problem when you do wear them. Prescription swim goggles in a water park allow you to pack your everyday glasses up tight and safe in your bag while still being able to see and participate in every single fun activity.

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