See Your Vacation Clearly with Prescription Scuba Masks

Scuba diving and snorkeling are incredibly popular ways to spend time on a vacation because the ocean floor is a breathtaking place. From the darting fish to the curious crosses between plant and animal in the form of coral and sponges, there’s no end of things to look at. Of course that depends on whether you can see at all. All too often, a happy glasses wearing vacationer will find themselves as the only myopic member of a scuba party with no way to wear a mask and their glasses at the same time. While you can still go along, the ocean becomes more of an impressionist painting of an ocean than the vibrant environment the others experience. Fortunately, the solution already exists. If you are planning a water-rich vacation or just like to be prepared, prescription scuba masks can bring you visual clarity all the way to the ocean floor.

When You Can’t Do Contacts

Not everyone can wear contacts for a large variety of reasons which are often multiplied on vacation. For those with intense allergies, the constant itchy eyes make contacts a misery during allergy seasons while other simply can’t stand the feeling of something in their eye or the process of putting it there. Many people have a prescription that goes beyond standard near or far sightedness that contacts don’t yet fix effectively. On top of all this, when you’re on vacation, replacing lost contacts is nearly impossible and new sets of allergies can stir up unexpectedly. Many people choose not to wear contacts anywhere in which they can’t easily wash their eyes and the contacts should something go wrong, like a stray grain of sand.

The Ocean Floor is Beautiful

Underneath the sea is an entirely other ecosystem, one we have seen pictures of but most have never really experienced. Scuba divers get up close and personal with sea turtles, coral, and flurries of beautiful tropical fish. Coral reefs are especially popular because of the colorful array of natural plant life and creatures living within it. Here you have the opportunity to see anemones, sea stars, jellyfish, and even eels living in the constant cycle of life, death, and incredibly vibrant offspring. While many may overlook it, another great way to plan your destinations is by seeking out sunken ruins. This is a delightful and interesting way to explore history and examine how the ocean life has adapted to our sunken treasures. Of course, you won’t be able to see any of this until you’ve properly equipped.

Your Exact Prescription

The best thing about special ordering your own prescription scuba mask is that the face plate can be made to suit your exact prescription. There’s no need to approximate or even deal with a single-focus lens because the design already accounts for the fact that many people need two separate prescriptions, therefore the face is designed with two separate lens slots. What’s really surprising is how very specific you can get when ordering your lenses, and all you have to do is fill out the form on the product page. For each eye, you can request a prescription for the sphere, cylinder, and axis, allowing you to create a custom mask even for rare prescriptions.

Underwater Bifocals

Bifocals give you a level of visual flexibility that is absolutely vital for some people, especially those with more extreme prescriptions in either the myopic or hyperopic (near or far sighted) directions. They allow you to choose the focus distance of your lenses and thus adapt to looking at things that are up close, far away, or in the middle-distance. If you’ve gotten used to your bifocals and would like to take that level of visual flexibility with you into the ocean, now you can! With a few quick clicks during the order process, you can request that the prescriptions scuba mask include your favorite bifocals settings as well.

Adapter vs Integral Lenses

How do you want your scuba mask to work? There are two primary forms of prescription scuba mask. The first type is made for a single person and their prescription. This is incredibly useful and personal, but also means that you can’t share your mask with a friend unless you are in the very rare situation of having a friend with an exact matching prescription. Your second option is to seek compromise in the prescription adapter.

The premise is about the same as wearing large shades over your glasses, except with suction cups instead. With the same amount of control over the prescription as the integral lenses, an adapter frame holds your needed lenses, then sticks onto the outside of a matching but non-prescription scuba mask, allowing you to share or even try the ocean without the Rx just to see the difference.  Just be careful not to lose the flat adapter piece out in the ocean.

When you go on a vacation, you deserve to enjoy it to the fullest. For the complete seaside getaway experience, you want to breathe the salt air, swim with the dolphins, and pet a few sea turtles. While all of this would still be wonderful even if you couldn’t see at all, why go without when you don’t have to? With an integral or adaptive prescription scuba mask, you can see every part of you vacation with crystal-clear vision. All the beautiful underwater sites are waiting for you, go out to meet it able to see the reefs and colorful inhabitants in their full glory.

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