Special Options for Prescription Diving Masks

Prescription diving masks are one of those things where there are a lot of extra options you can get for them depending on your needs. Here are a few examples of such options for your diving masks so you can pick the one that you want.

Recreation-focused Masks

If you aren’t going to be doing anything professionally or simply for laps only, there are options that you can choose in order to fit this need well, then you can go with special recreational model options. The difference here is that these models simply have larger padding around the frames. They also tend to make the mask wider and pushed out more so that you can see wider angles in order to make your peripheral vision much better. This is better for those who don’t want to do laps and mostly just want to hang out in the pool or elsewhere and play games or simply just relax.

Swappable Frames

Another option you could go with is using models that let you change out prescription lenses at will. This way, if you ever have to make the prescription of your glasses stronger at a later date, you don’t have to buy entirely new glasses. Instead, you can simply take out the old lenses in the mask and then put in the new ones. This will also be an advantage if you happen to break just the lenses in the mask will leaving the rest of the mask still working fine.

Obviously, not all masks will allow you to do this, but some brands definitely do. It helps to keep an eye out for this so that you don’t have to purchase entirely new masks over and over if you want to let different people use the same mask with simply different prescriptions, for example.

Bifocal Masks

Believe it or not, there are also options out there that make it so that you can have bifocal masks. They have the prescription part only in the bottom so that you can choose whether you want to use the added vision part or not. That way you can use them to read or to do whatever else in the bottom part whenever you need to, and then switch back to looking through them in a more normal way at the upper part. This versatility can certainly be useful without a doubt.

It gives you different types of vision which can be useful in different situations. It can mean that you don’t have to take your mask off if you just need to read something real quick, for example. In some situations, like where you’re wearing full gear of some sort such as Scuba gear, it can be highly inconvenient to have to take off your mask since it might mean taking off the regulator and other things as well, for example.

By the same token, looking at things through the top part of the mask without the prescription could help if you need wider vision, or, maybe you just prefer your regular vision for sightseeing when you’re underwater and looking at reefs, fish, or whatever other thing you want to just take in for enjoyment and not necessarily because you need to see it with a lot of exacting precision.

Speed Masks

Another option that’s worth looking at are those that make it so that you have the full capabilities of being hydrodynamic while still having prescription options as well. This way, you can basically get the full power of having your glasses on without actually having them in the water. These options often also have frames with more of a low profile to them, and they will mention something to do with racing in the title of the glasses.

These will be best if you plan to actually compete in tournaments, for example. Additionally, you may need to just do laps on a regular basis as a form of exercise, and this is something that speed masks can certainly help you with as well if that’s what you want them for. It’s a good idea to not wear recreational prescription masks if that’s not the kind that you want since they will often be highly suboptimal.

Full Masks for Diving

Another option is getting a full prescription mask that covers your face completely. This is going to be ideal in situations where you don’t want to make contact with the water. This could be because the water is polluted in some way, because it has potentially dangerous animals in it such as jellyfish, or because it’s very cold due to being in some arctic climate.

Attachments and Other Options

One option you should consider is essentially the option to have a lot more options. In other words, you may want a prescription mask that has a lot of extra attachments such as for a Scuba regulator, a communications device, or anything else you may need in the future.

Overall, it’s always worth surveying all of the options before you go with some specific option since you don’t want to just settle when something that fits your needs better may be available. There’s no reason you can’t have the full benefit of having the vision you have when you’re wearing glasses on land at the same time that you have the abilities of speed masks, simple comfortable recreational masks, or a full diving mask. You really can have all of the above if you find the proper options.

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